Q: What can I expect from therapy?
A: Generally, we will meet every week for fifty minutes and focus solely on your concerns. We will be a team working together on your behalf. Sometimes I may be quiet, but often we will be having a conversation. I won't just sit there and not say anything unless this is the right thing to do and sometimes, it is. You might experience a range of feelings - from sadness to anger to relief. We might laugh together, too. You can expect to feel understood and to make progress on your concerns. Occasionally, I might remind you that progress does not always follow a straight line.

Q: How long will therapy take?
A: This is a great question and like many great questions, is hard to answer. The length of therapy depends on what you want to work on, how long it has been a concern, what you have tried on your own, and other complicating factors that we might not know about until we get started.

Q: Do you take insurance?
A: Yes, I am able to take SelectHealth (BrightPath and Navigator plans), Pacific Source Plans, Sana Benefits, Mountain Health Coop, Regence, and Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans. 

Q: How will I know when I'm done with therapy?
A: This is another excellent question. You are done with therapy when you have reached the goals you set for yourself and can sustain your changes without seeing me. Generally, I don't mention stopping, but wait for you to bring it up. Then we talk about your progress, your reasons for stopping now, etc. I might agree or disagree, but either way, we will talk about it. The decision to stop or continue is up to you.

Q: How much does therapy cost?
A: My fee is $200 per hour for the first visit for talk therapy and $150 for each subsequent visit. 

Health & Lifestyle Organization Coach

Rates & Fees:
- Coaching & Organization Sessions are billed at $50 per hour. 
- Health & Wellness Check-ins are billed at $60 monthly. Check-ins consist of a 10-minute weekly weigh-in, a 10-minute weekly phone, video,or text progress check-in, nutritional guidance (may include journaling, habits, recipes, etc.), and Q&A’s.   
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