Q:What can I expect from therapy?
A: Generally, we will meet every week for fifty minutes and focus solely on your concerns. We will be a team working together on your behalf. Sometimes I may be quiet, but often we will be having a conversation. I won't just sit there and not say anything unless this is the right thing to do and sometimes, it is. You might experience a range of feelings - from sadness to anger to relief. We might laugh together, too. You can expect to feel understood and to make progress on your concerns. Occasionally, I might remind you that progress does not always follow a straight line.

Q:How long will therapy take?
A: This is a great question and like many great questions, is hard to answer. The length of therapy depends on what you want to work on, how long it has been a concern, what you have tried on your own, and other complicating factors that we might not know about until we get started.

Q:Do you take insurance?
A: Yes, I am able to take Blue Shield, Blue Cross, and IPN. 

Q:How will I know when I'm done with therapy?
A: This is another great question. You are done with therapy when you have reached the goals that you set for yourself and are able to sustain your changes without seeing me. Generally, I don't bring up stopping, but wait for you to bring it up. Then we talk about your progress, your reasons for stopping now, etc. I might agree or disagree, but either way, we will talk about it. The decision to stop or continue is up to you.

Q:How much does therapy cost?
A: My fee is $125 per hour for the first visit for talk therapy and $115.00 for each following visit.  The fee for EMDR is $125 per hour. 

Q:Is your office handicapped accessible?
A: Yes. The entrance is easily accessible, the main floor has an elevator and my office is on the second floor.

Q:Where is your office located?
A: My office is located at 10798 W. Overland Rd. Boise, Idaho 83709