Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling
As with trauma and PTSD, my work with victims of abuse as frequently involved adult victims of childhood suffering.  As adults, they may have learned effective but ultimately flawed coping skills such as shutting down, separating and detachment; therefore, many abuse victims are unable to form healthy attachments with others.  They live in constant fear, clinging to people and suffering from relational issues.  As an abuse counselor, my goal is to help you process your memories and make sense of your emotions so that you are able to break free from the past and live a healthy, whole life.  Again, I often use EMDR to aid in this process.  In our work together, I will do all I can within my power to help you feel safe, secure, and empowered by the knowledge that you are free and in control of your life and wellbeing. 

Loving Someone With an Addiction
If you love someone with an addiction, then you know what a painful roller coaster it is to be with someone who cannot see their own behavior clearly. Addiction affects the brain, the organ that tells us how we are doing and guides our decision-making. An impaired brain does not evaluate situations correctly. If you love someone with an addiction, you can see what they cannot. It doesn't mean they are bad, but it can be terribly frustrating and painful for you. You may find yourself angrier or more hurt than you ever imagined possible. You may find yourself very, very worried about them, your family and yourself.

I can help you come to terms with loving someone who has an addiction, help you maintain your self-respect and sanity and help you reclaim those parts of yourself that you have lost along the way, and maybe, help you help your loved one more effectively.

Remember there are many ways to heal from addictions. There is no "one right way". Let's work together to find your path to recovery.

Trauma & PTSD
I have extensive experience counseling victims of trauma and PTSD.  While we tend to associate PTSD with military veterans, there are many other people who suffer from this debilitating condition.  Many of my trauma client’s ae adults recovering from a childhood experience that has caused serious psychological scarring.  Even experiences and events such as the sudden loss of a job, an auto accident or the break-up of a relationship can be traumatic.  When treating trauma survivors, I use EMDR therapy-a specialized psychotherapeutic method that is designed to help trauma victims recover and work through painful memories that have prevented them from having a full and satisfying life.  Ultimately, my goal is to help the sufferer come to a place of emotional and mental stability, so that he or she is able to reclaim control and healing from the past. 

Anxiety is a normal emotion, but when it grows out of control, it can completely eclipse one’s sense of joy in life.  If you are suffering from an anxiety problem, I want you to know that help is available.  My approach to healing fro anxiety depends largely on the causes of the problem.  For example, when treating anxiety based on present circumstances, I use a lot of talk therapy along with EMDR that will help you verbalize your thoughts, fears, and concerns.  When the anxiety is rooted in childhood experience, we may have to dig deeper.  Ultimately, the goal is to discover the root of the anxiety so that you are able to understand what is causing your anxious thoughts and behaviors, and work toward positive change. 

When treating persons for depression, like anxiety, my goal is to help my client understand the cause of their condition so that they can understand themselves and identify practical steps to heal and grow.  Sometimes the causes are genetic; other times depression has its roots in childhood trauma; and sometimes it’s a temporary reaction of the brain to stress or grief.  If you are suffering from depression, it is important to know that you are not along.  I would be delighted to partner with you and to use my professional insight to help you experience real, lasting healing. 

Grief and Loss
Grief is a powerful emotional response to a loss that causes change in a person’s life.   If you are suffering from grief, it is important to give yourself plenty of space to process your pain and loss, before you can work through the emotions and return to a sense of normalcy.  However, sometimes we can become stuck in grief for an unusually lengthy period of time, and it becomes harder and harder to recover fully from the loss.  If you are feeling “stuck” in grief, I am here to help.  As a grief counselor, I will come alongside you to provide support and to help you find peace in the knowledge that God is still in charge and wants what is best for you. 

Relationship Issues
Everybody has experienced relational difficulties, and sometimes it just takes an objective outsider to help us gain clarity on what is unhealthy in a relationship.  I have seen many toxic relationships between coworkers, family members, and friends-people don’t know how to deal with these relationships that are preventing them from thriving.  If this sounds like a problem you’re having, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Together we can talk about the problem and discuss effective, immediate solutions for moving forward.