Our Goal as Christian Counselors
Our primary goal is to offer a safe place for people to share their story.  We want to help people feel comfortable to be fully honest with themselves about where they have come from and where they want to go. We seek to engage and challenge our clients, inviting them to take an active role in their redemptive story, all for the purpose of becoming more of who they were created to be.

What We Offer in Christian Counseling
We believe that God intended peace, love, and community for his people. However, sin is very much a part of all of our lives and has made finding peace, love, and community difficult. In navigating through hurtful relationships, unjust circumstances, and even personal shortcomings, we offer an empathetic, non-judgmental, and compassionate approach. We are highly relational and are committed to holding hope for people when they may not be able to see it for themselves.

Our Approach to Christian Counseling
Our approach as Christian counselors is to help our clients understand their own story and how it impacts others as well as how it impacts themselves. We will help you identify patterns in your life and work with you to change and adapt those patterns in order to become a more balanced, healthy individual.  God has created each person in His image and no two stories are alike, therefore your story has profound meaning, for you, for others, and in God’s redemptive plan.